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Martyn Moss

Meet the Princess crew: Martyn Moss

What's it like to make a career out of cruising? We spoke to Regal Princess’ Entertainment Director Martyn Moss to find out

Updated July 2020

Ever imagined what life onboard a cruise ship 24/7 would be like? We sat down with the Entertainment Director for Regal Princess, Martyn Moss, who has been working with Princess Cruises for more than 20 years, to see what it's really like to live, work and play onboard a ship.

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What does your role entail?

I head up the onboard Entertainment Programme, which means I get to organise the music, shows and activities on Regal Princess – it’s my perfect job.

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Did you have to do any specific training or studies to get this role?

There is not a specific educational requirement for my role – you need an understanding of entertainment and then need to gain experience as you work your way up the ladder. I think an outgoing, friendly personality is key. I love chatting with people and enjoy planning an entertainment schedule that I believe will be the most engaging for our guests. It can be challenging, as each guest is looking for something different, so variety is key – as is trying new things every now and then.

How do you differentiate between work and play when you live on the ship?

I don’t really try to. I go ashore on my mountain bike if we’re in a port that’s good for cycling. I’ve found lots of incredible places over the last few years and it’s a great way to blow off some steam. I also get pleasure out of watching our musicians and actors perform in the shows.

Do you have a lot of friends onboard?

Martyn Moss proposing to his wife

We definitely have a cruise family and I have lifelong friends I’ve made because of this career and lifestyle. In fact, I met my wife onboard. We met on Regal Princess when she was the leader of a string quartet. We hit it off and in 2016 I proposed to her in Regal Princess’ Piazza in front of around 500 people. Thank goodness she said yes, or it could have been an embarrassing moment!

What’s the best part about working on a cruise ship?

For me, it’s the travel, the interesting people I get to meet, plus the work I get to do. What’s not to like?

What’s your favourite destination and why?

I love the Mediterranean – Venice, Kotor and Kusadasi are my favourite ports. Venice for strolling aimlessly, Kotor for mountain biking and Kusadasi, because I love food from that region.

Martyn Moss in Kotor

What advice do you have for customers to make the most of their time on a cruise?

Try something new, get involved in a lot of activities and come to as many shows as you can!

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