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On a cruise with Linda Gray

We step onboard with the Dallas actress and Princess guest speaker – here’s how she makes the most of her time at sea…

Updated July 2020

As a revered actress thanks in large part to her starring role on the 1970's hit television series Dallas – as well as for her work as a successful producer and director – Linda Gray has been beloved for years both on and off screen. Now, she frequently travels with Princess Cruises, giving onboard talks about her life and career. As a seasoned cruise guest and all around inspiring woman, we sat down with Linda to learn how she makes the most of a trip with Princess...

As soon as I board, I walk around the ship

The Lotus Spa onboard Regal Princess


"Each ship is so unique and I want to know where everything is, so I love to walk around and get my bearings. I find out where the dining room is, the spa, the theatre. Most of the time I get lost but then I meet people who are also lost and we become friends"

I love feeling the sea breeze as I unpack

A Princess stateroom with a balcony view


“As soon as my luggage arrives at my stateroom, I open the balcony doors so I can feel the sea breeze as I unpack. I’m a minimalist packer so it doesn’t take long – given the choice, I’ll just bring a carry on.”

I use my time onboard to catch up on reading

A kindle and a coffee still life

Aliis Sinisalu/Unsplash

"I adore reading but I don’t always get the time at home, so before I go on a cruise, I load up my Kindle. When you’re onboard, you actually get time to relax and focus – having the chance to read is a joy for me."

Norway is one of my favourite destinations

The funicular in Bergen with an Ariel view behind it

Fløibanen/Pål Hoff/

“Last year I went on a Norwegian cruise and fell in love with Norway – I want to move there! In Bergen we went up to the top of Mount Fløyen on the funicular and it was beautiful. The water and air were so fresh.”

I like adventurous shore excursions

People at the top of the Pulpit Rock hike in Norway


“In Stavanger, Norway, I signed up for the Pulpit Rock Hike. Before I went, I told my kids what I was doing and my son said, ‘Are you sure you want to do that?’ It wasn’t easy – it takes two hours to get to the top and you hike more than 600m. I had to climb up huge rocks, but then we had lunch on top of the mountain and the scenery was stunning. I felt exhilarated.”

I couldn’t choose just one favourite dining option onboard.

an overhead shot of a dining table


“I’ve been to all of them; Sabatini’s, the International Café, Share – Curtis Stone’s restaurant – and they are all fabulous.”

I love meeting Dallas fans during my onboard talks

Linda Gray and Larry Hagman as seen in Dallas


“I’ve done many things before and since starring in Dallas but it’s the show I’m most remembered for – and when I do talks onboard, so many people come and share such beautiful stories of how they watched us every week. I love hearing about how people sat together and what they think. They got to see me every week and now I get to hear from them – I am so grateful to meet everyone.”

I’m still amazed by the experience

A sunset view as seen onboard a Princess ship


“Although I’ve been on seven Princess cruises, I am still in awe of it all. You forget you’re on a ship. It’s a hotel and a city, they have Broadway-style performances – so many things all wrapped up in one. It’s extraordinary and I am so thankful I get to experience these wonderful trips.”

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