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Four reasons to share a stateroom

Discover how easy it is to add additional berths and why it offers even more incredible value

January 2024

Whether you're sailing with children in tow or planning a cruise holiday with multiple friends, here's why sharing a stateroom onboard could work for you. The more, the merrier, as they say...

Extra berths in stateroom

We can add extra births to many of our staterooms © Princess

There's a bed for everyone

Travelling with little ones? Or perhaps big ones, if you've got towering teens? There's no need to book separate rooms, as adding 3rd person and 4th person berths to our staterooms is simple. A proportion of all our stateroom options are designed to fit additional guests, with sofa beds and beds that fold down from the wall or ceiling. There are several configuration options too, so just let us know how you'd like yours set up before coming onboard.

You can save on cost

If you're looking for even more value from your Princess holiday, bunking up with friends and loved ones is a brilliant idea. Our fares are based on two guests sharing, with guests three and four priced at reduced rates. So, booking one stateroom and splitting the total cost by up to four people could mean your cruise costs less. And with that saving, you might even want to upgrade your accommodation, opting for a Balcony stateroom, Mini Suite or Suite, depending on your budget.

Breakfast in bed onboard

Everyone can enjoy breakfast in bed when onboard © Princess

You can spend quality time together

There's not just a cost benefit to sharing a stateroom with more people. Waking up together means you can have breakfast in bed or on your balcony and sip coffee while enjoying sea views, enjoy a cosy night in watching the latest films on your stateroom TV, and reduce time spent trying to track each other down on the ship before mealtimes and shore excursions. While you can find fellow guests using the shipmate locator on the Princess Cruises app, nothing quite beats everyone being in sight!

Storage is no issue

If you're worried about space, you needn't be. The additional berths mentioned above can be stowed away when not in use – housekeeping will happily assist you with this. In addition, our staterooms come with plenty of storage, including bedside cupboards, wardrobe space with overhead shelving, hooks on the backs of doors, and plenty of shelving and storage nooks in the bathroom.

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