Rabjerg mile Skagen Denmark sand dune


The unexpected must-see in Denmark

Meet the sand dune that's swallowed up entire buildings

Updated July 2020

Denmark is known for a number of notable features, from Vikings to Hans Christian Andersen. But did you know it also lays claim to northern Europe’s largest migrating sand dune? Just 20 minutes from Skagen sits Råbjerg Mile, a 40-metre-high sand hill that drifts up to 18 metres every year. Although it looks like something out of a photoshoot, this landscape isn't as friendly as it may seem: the dune has swallowed roads, a church, even a lighthouse. A word to the wise: don’t drop your phone in the sand – you’ll never find it again.

Rabjerg Mile Denmark lighthouse


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Hungry sand dunes aren't the only reason to visit this part of the world, though. Skagen, a friendly fishing town, has a history that stretches back to the Middle Ages. Its landscape of white-sand beaches and crystal-clear water (plus a radiant light that permeates these scenes) attracts artists and photographers especially, but it also appeals to anyone looking to engage with art and history as well as nature and the seaside.

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