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The most romantic destinations in the world

Planning a wedding proposal? Or celebrating a milestone anniversary? These lovely destinations should be top of your list – and all are accessible with Princess, the original Love Boat

July 2024

By Ashleigh Arnott

For decades, our ships have been the home of romance, even acting as the setting for hit TV series The Love Boat back in the 1970s and ’80s (the show was filmed on former ship Pacific Princess).

Today, whether you’re hoping to recreate a passionate relationship from the iconic series, or looking to make your other half’s holiday extra-special, Princess has lots of ways for you to feel like cupid’s giving you a helping hand. You could take to the dance floor together in a ballroom dance class, book a couples’ massage in one of our Lotus Spas, or enjoy a private dinner for two with our Ultimate Balcony Dining package. For proposals, honeymoons and anniversaries, we have special celebration packages that include stateroom decorations, gifts and plenty of champagne. You can even tie the knot with us, with an onshore ceremony and onboard reception.

And if you’re looking to impress with an intimate or breath-taking destination, we’ve also got you covered. We sail to 330 locations across the globe, and we know the places that offer a hefty dose of romance. Here’s our list of the most swoon-worthy destinations in the world…

Couple walking in the mountains of Hawaii

Be seduced by Hawaii's stunning landscapes © Princess


Relaxation and romance go hand in hand, and Hawaii’s spectacular natural landscapes – from soft, white, sandy shorelines right up to majestic mountains – will seduce and soothe you at first sight. After lazy days taking in your spectacular surroundings, the archipelago’s rich cultural heritage will fill your evenings with seafood feasts and traditional dancing shows. If you decide to exert a little more energy, there’s always the opportunity to discover secret waterfalls, trek through cloud forests, or seek out pods of humpback whales. Your partner won’t be the only one feeling the love here – Hawaii will steal your heart, too.


In a country where even the mother tongue is known as a romance language, Venice (accessible from the port stop of Trieste) tops the list of intimate places. A labyrinth of winding alleys and dainty bridges that lead onto pretty squares, there’s no city quite so unique or picturesque. Gliding along the canals with only a gondolier for company is an idyllic way to see the city, but the unique Venetian character continues on dry land, too. Landmark sights such as St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace, which together showcase a mix of Venetian, Byzantine, Gothic and Romanesque architecture, aren’t to be missed, but neither is aperitivo hour. Grab a table for two at one of the city’s snug locally run bars for a tumbler of spritz and some crostini topped with bacalao mantecato (whipped salt cod) for a taste of la dolce vita.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris

Je t'aime: Paris is one of the most romantic places in the world © Princess


The French capital is the quintessential city for lovers, with romantic scenery and iconic photo opportunities at every turn, and it’s no surprise that it’s the most popular destination for wedding proposals. Visit Paris with Princess, and the short journey from the port of Le Havre through the quaint villages of Normandy will be a delightful warm-up to your arrival. Then, take in stunning views from the Sacré-Coeur, snap a couple’s selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower, and wander through rose gardens on the banks of the Seine. Join us for a lunchtime river cruise to soak up the Parisian sights while enjoying live music, classic French cuisine and the company of your date, of course.

Mykonos in Greece

Let the dazzling Aegean Sea be an aphrodisiac in Mykonos, Greece © Princess


One of Greece’s most beautiful (and thus popular) islands, Mykonos delivers a delightful combination of historical sites, authentic architecture and alluring nightlife that’s even better when enjoyed with someone special. Go for a romantic wander through Mykonos Town, a maze of pretty streets filled with boutiques, bars and tavernas, whitewashed churches and the island’s famous windmills, which were once used to mill wheat. For some one-to-one time away from the main action, paddle in the warm waters of the surrounding Aegean Sea, or gaze longingly into each other’s eyes while sampling wine (the red kind is considered an aphrodisiac, after all!) at a local vineyard. Yiamas!


With the prettiest pink beaches in all of the Caribbean, Bermuda is always blushing. The bubble-gum-coloured shoreline here is a result of foraminifera marine organisms shedding their coral-coloured shells, which then get washed ashore and mix with the sand. The archipelago also boasts turquoise sea, endless sunny days and friendly locals, making it the ideal place for a couple’s holiday. Horseshoe Bay is deemed one of the most beautiful beaches in Bermuda (it’s the very definition of the word ‘paradise’) and has neighbouring coves you can swim to for a more secluded sunbathing session. While visiting the archipelago, be sure to have a splash with the dolphins, visit the awe-inspiring crystal caves and sip rum cocktails while taking in beautiful views at The Swizzle Inn in Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital.

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